Get to Know Juanita MaddenEllington

Hi my is Juanita MaddenEllington. I am a proud veteran that served 8 years in the world’s finest Navy. Hooyah! After service, I obtained my bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. I have been working as the Client Service Associate at Toler Financial Group since September of 2016.

I was Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2016. Since then, I try to use my voice, to be an advocate for those who have MS, PTSD, and any other invisible/ chronic illness. I enjoy traveling to different cities. I am of Caribbean decent (Jamaican and Panama to di world), so outside of work I love to travel to different countries in the Caribbean. I also love participating in local and international Caribbean Carnivals.

As a child I loved to play dress up, make barbie doll clothes, watch my mom do my aunties hair, and dance. As an adult those same things I loved to do as a child are now my hobbies. I love to sit in my closet room and put on makeup. I make/ alter all my own clothes and outfits, and in 2015 I started making my own carnival costumes and to me that is the best form of dress up. I love making costumes for local and international Caribbean Cultured Carnivals

Although I do not have human born children, I am a fur mom to two Jamaican breed and born Shih Tzu’s Ca$h and KerriAnn.