Insurance is Your Safety Net! It's Your Best Friend In a Bad Situation.

We believe strongly in working towards your best future, but we also must quietly take stock of the serious problems that can Protection planning looks at every important risk we can protect against, and uses products designed to take the financial sting out of a big problem or life event.  Protecting yourself from risks is a key factor in any financial plan – before or after retirement.

Manage Big Risks

We use insurance to manage the big risks we can’t recover from.  We are not affiliated with any one insurance company, and can help you pick the best option for your situation. Toler Financial Group can help you strategize about and thoughtfully purchase the following:

  • Life Insurance
  • Disability Income Insurance
  • Long-term Care Insurance

There are other types of important insurance we will turn to community resources for:

  • Auto Insurance
  • Homeowners/Renters/Landlord
  • Liability (Excess liability or Umbrella)
  • Business coverage

Legal and Estate Planning

Proper legal and estate planning is the other part of our defense strategy, and we turn to our trusted community resources to structure your family and estate planning and business planning documents.

Reduce Longevity Risk

Lastly, annuities are insurance products that we can use to reduce longevity risk – or the possibility of living longer than your assets can support. When properly structured as a component of a thoughtful retirement plan, annuities can provide the reassurance of additional guaranteed income. Learn more about this with our Income for Life Model.

You’ll sleep better at night once you know everything is just as you would have planned it if you knew in advance what would happen. We can’t know, so we plan.