Your Investments

Investments are your future, your hopes, and your dreams. They are how you plan for the good things in life, the second homes, the big travel budget in retirement, the best-fit colleges for your children. And for most of us, they are what provides security in old age, allowing us to be comfortable and confident during retirement.

Investments and Time

We start with your goals and values, where you are in your life, and what you understand about financial markets and the bigger economic forces that shape our lives. We discuss how we work together to construct a portfolio with the right balance of growth opportunities and stability, given everything we have come to understand about your finances, preferences and timeline.

Working Together for a Good Fit

We then work together towards a good fit of what’s important to you in all of these factors:

  • Desire for growth and protection from inflation risks
  • Tolerance for market fluctuation
  • Structure for planned income and unplanned needs
  • Tax effect now and later
  • Align your portfolio with your values – Environmental, Social and Governance factors of Socially Responsible Investing
  • Fees and expenses
  • Diversification across asset classes and sectors to reduce risk

Toler Financial Group has many clients who want their investments to better reflect their values, and we manage a suite of socially responsible portfolios to meet these goals. We also have access to a wide range of portfolios managed by other professionals – we are sure to find a solution that meets your needs.

Investing Thoughts from Toler Financial Group

Why Invest? Join us for a short talk about several core investment concepts by watching this video.

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nuclear smokestacks

Global warming, gender equality, environmental protection, human rights, worker protection, criminal reform, sensible gun laws – if these issues and more are priorities in your life, we invite you to learn more about how to align your investments with your values. We manage sustainable portfolios with these values embedded, using mutual funds from companies that are actively pushing corporations to be better citizens of our globe.

Investing In Retirement

Making decisions about investments that are providing you with retirement income has its own set of challenges and pitfalls. We specialize in securing a safe and rising retirement income for our clients, utilizing the Income for Life Model™ techniques. Our focus is always on what works best for you, and every retirement income plan is customized. 

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Fiduciary Standards

As Investment Advisor Representatives (of Cambridge Investment Research Advisors, Inc., an RIA),  we are held to a fiduciary standard in our conduct an dealings with our clients. Our portfolio selection is made with your best interests in mind – we have no special relationship with any investment product or company.  These documents will give you more information about the fiduciary relationship and our fee structure. 

Diversification and asset allocation strategies do not assure profit or protect against loss. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Investing involves risk. Depending on the types of investments, there may be varying degrees of risk. Investors should be prepared to bear loss, including total loss of principal. Indices mentioned are unmanaged and cannot be invested into directly