Worried about Stormy Markets??

stormy shy

The last couple of weeks have seen huge swings in the value of stock markets, in the US and globally. This came as a surprise, but is part of the normal process of investing. Let’s keep a few things in mind:

  • We are ALWAYS happy to speak with you – shoot us a quick email or pick up the phone
  • It isn’t different this time – markets can fluctuate wildly when there is uncertainty, and the start of a possible pandemic is very uncertain.
  • The economy drives long-term stock market growth – if the economy is not significantly affected by the current situation, the market will settle down in time. If it is affected, the downward movement will last longer.
  • It’s easy to be wrong and difficult to be right if you try to adjust your portfolio in a quickly changing market. Market timing is usually a losing proposition.
  • Your portfolio was constructed with downturns in mind – the money you have in stocks should be for the future, and any money you need in the next 5 years should be protected from extreme swings in value.
  • We fix the roof when the sun is shining – and right now it is pouring rain. If you are concerned about these fluctuations, let’s talk it through. Perhaps, when the market recovers, we will want to make some adjustments.

Your Investment team at Toler Financial Group –

Fran Toler and Marcio Silveira