Building a Private Practice Financial Model That Works For You

By Guli Fager, MPH, Financial Advisor

Choosing your own clients. Setting your own hours. Insurance or private pay. Private practice enables therapists to meet the unprecedented need for mental health services while ensuring that your work is compensated on your own terms. But how do you figure out what a fair compensation structure looks like when you’re your own boss?

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How to Pick a Retirement Plan for Your Small Business

By Brandon Clark, CPA

These days setting-up a retirement plan can be done quickly, easily and with little to no money from your pocket as the business owner. There’s no excuse for why your business shouldn’t offer one. Afterall, it’s the right thing to do for your employees (and yourself)… 

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How to Budget for Time Off When You’re Self-Employed

By Guli Fager, Associate Financial Advisor

Being your own boss is a dream for many people. The flexibility to set your schedule, no supervisor to answer to, and freedom to do things the way you want to are compelling reasons to pursue self-employment. But one of the tradeoffs that people make when leaving a job with a benefits package is that they must create—and pay for—those benefits on their own.


How Business Revenue Becomes Personal Income

By Guli Fager

So you’ve hung out your shingle, gotten some clients and gotten paid — now what? One of the most popular questions in our webinar series for self-employed professionals is about what to do with the dollars you earn. This article & video will walk you through how to correctly manage business cash flow. 

Financial Self-Care for Mental Health Professionals Webinar Series

By Guli Fager & Fran Toler

Part 1: Start Right!

Thinking about dipping your toe into private practice? View the video of our 2022 webinar  for our best advice on Financial Self-Care for mental health pros. A midwife and a sex educator might seem like strange folks to wind up working in personal finance but Fran and Guli bring our experience in fostering relationships, trust, and being client centered so you feel cared for as you work to care for others. We love to help you “birth” your private practice into a thriving, healthy business.

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Part 2: How to Grow With Your Business!

Financial Self Care for Mental Health Professionals – How to Grow with your Business! – Part Two looks at how to best manage your growing business, compare options for paying yourself, and describe how to provide great benefits–from disability insurance to retirement plans–whether you’re a solo practitioner or are stewarding a team.

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