Year-End Tax Tips

Tax planning season is upon us! Don’t wait until April 2023 when your tax return is prepared to think of tax moves. Now is the time you can make an impact before the tax year ends. Join Fran Toler and Brandon Clark in a short video to see how you can improve your tax return before year-end. 

Worried about the Market?

2022 has been a challenging year for investors – I have spoken to dozens of clients each week about the market downturn, and whether anything needs to be done in their investment accounts. Every downturn is distressing – uncertainty and unpredictability are no fun – and downturns generally correlate with economic concerns, heightening the worry. What we KNOW is that you can manage a market downturn to your long-term advantage, or you can let the worry lead you into a harmful action.


Forecast 2022: The Great Bull Market!  

Take a look back at the incredible market returns of the last 13 years, and also look at what might lie ahead.