A Guide to Health Insurance After Divorce

Here’s How to Find and Get Health Insurance After Your Divorce

So many things change during a divorce that it can be difficult to keep track of it all. One important thing you can’t afford to let fall through the cracks is your health insurance coverage. If you are listed as a dependent on your spouse’s policy, then you will lose your coverage when the divorce is finalized.

Don’t let this happen! Without health insurance, you’ll be on the hook for all your medical costs, including your current prescriptions, medical appointments, and any emergencies that arise.

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Facing Divorce? Address These Financial Priorities First

By Guli Fager, Financial Advisor

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused unprecedented strain on families and relationships. While the emotional toll of dissolving a marriage may be top of mind, there are important financial considerations as well

Zero in on expenses: Make a list of all recurring costs, both “nondiscretionary” items (rent/mortgage, utilities, taxes, student loan payments, insurance, childcare, tuition) and discretionary (food, meals out, clothing, pets, shopping, travel, entertainment). If you haven’t paid much attention to the outflow of money in your household, get access to bank and credit cart statements so you can review a few months’ worth of transactions. 

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This is an emotionally heightened time so please reach out to Guli if you would like a free consultation on the financial aspects of divorce.