Cash Flow Harmony - Yours, Mine, Ours

Let’s talk about Cash Flow again! How do couples work out a balance between how together/intimate vs how independent/private they want their day-to-day finances?

Re-imagine your spending and saving as a couple! Have you been looking for a better solution to managing who pays what? Do you want to feel like you are on the same team, but that you still have some privacy on your personal spending? Learn how to create a cash flow structure that supports your values as a couple!

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Yours Mine and Ours Video​

How Business Revenue Becomes Personal Income

Article By Guli Fager

So you’ve hung out your shingle, gotten some clients, and gotten paid—now what? One of the most popular questions in our webinar series for self-employed professionals is about what to do with the dollars you earn. This article will walk you through how to correctly manage business cash flow.

Sorting out Business and Personal Cash Flow

Let’s talk about cash flow!
Self-employment can cause a big MESS in your cash flow – learn the step-by-step process of sorting it out so that your family and business finances don’t get mixed up!
This covers a basic topic for couples where one or both people are self-employed or small business owners. The same concept is relevant when there is rental real estate. Keep your business and personal finances organized!
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Video for Business Couples​
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Money Date Video

The Money Date

More talk about Cash Flow for couples in this video!

What is our #1 suggestion for couples regarding their cash flow? The Money Date! Learn how and why to make this change a habit so that your financial partnership becomes a positive part of your relationship, and you can create the harmonious financial life you dream of.

The Money Date is a critical part of getting your family’s finances back on track. 

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What's Your Number?

Everyone and every family needs to know their “number” – how much it takes to keep their household functioning normally each month. This is the foundation for figuring out what you can save and invest, how to prioritize debt paydown, and much more!
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What's Your Number?