US News& World Report article on Student Loans

Our Marcio was quoted in this US News& World Report:

“Graduate students who have a high enough income, strong credit record and the ability to pay back a loan right away ight consider personal loans, says Marcio Silveira, Associate Financial Advisor for Toler Financial Group in Maryland.

For example, he says he knows international students who were not able to get student loans but secured personal loans from banks that allowed them to pursue MBAs.”

Five ways to pay less for College  


We live in a highly complex technological society. Higher education is a requirement for most people wishing to thrive in the America of the 21st Century. The critical thinking skills and the credentials obtained in College have great value. College graduates earn about 60% more than non-graduates. This premium is much higher for prestigious schools and specific majors.


Yet. The cost of going to College appears to be getting out of control. Over the past 20 years, the general inflation rate was 2% per year. The College Cost inflation over the same period was 5% per year. The total cost of attendance of the most prestigious colleges is around $80,000 per year. For a four-year degree, the price is about $320,000. The typical home value in the United States, according to Zillow, $269,039!

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