The Team

Frances Toler, MSFS 

Financial Advisor, CEO

Frances Toler brings an abundance of business and life experience to her financial practice. She began in 2001 working with First Financial Group (Guardian Life Insurance) for 11 years, and then continued her success with Toler Financial Group under New York Life for three years before moving her growing firm to Cambridge Investment Research, Inc. in 2015.

She received her Master of Science in Financial Services in 2011 to help her continue to manage an outstanding financial practice. Earlier in her life she gained first hand business experience in accounting and small business management at the Women’s Community Bakery, and later in health care and non-profit management with the Washington Free Clinic. She graduated from midwifery school in 1992, and had a homebirth practice as a CPM for 10 years. She received a BA from Williams College in 1984.

Frances grew up and raised her family just outside DC, and is delighted that her adult daughters are living nearby. She enjoys many outdoor activities, and recently founded a small grassroots environmental group, Friends of Dueling Creek. She is an avid naturalist, with a lifelong interest in medicine and the life sciences, and the photos on this site are her early efforts at photography.


Marcio Silveira, CFA®, CFP®

Associate Financial Advisor

Marcio is a passionate and accomplished Financial Advisor committed to delivering excellent service at Toler Financial Group. He has been featured in the Wall Street Journal and many other media venues. Marcio has spoken at several industry conferences about serving Gen X families and in 2018 Marcio was selected as a Top Advisor by the Washingtonian Magazine.

Prior to joining Toler Financial Group Marcio was the founder of Pavlov Financial Planning, the first firm in the Washington, DC Area to serve only Generation X and Y clients based on a monthly retainer fee model. Pavlov Financial Planning is the recipient of the 2015 Arlington Best Business Award. In 2018 Marcio sold Pavlov Financial Planner to his previous business partner and in early 2019 he joined Toler Financial Group. In his free time Marcio is a wine, culture, and language enthusiast.

Marcio can work with clients in French, Spanish and Portuguese.


Juanita MaddenEllington

Administrative Operations

Juanita MaddenEllington is a Brooklyn, NY native, and attended grade school in Georgia. After graduating at the top of her class, she served 8 years in the United States Navy. While in the Navy she worked in the Sales and Service Division, and also Quality Assurance. After being at sea for 6 years, in 2015 she decided to separate from the Navy and pursue her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. She currently attends Stratford University and is excelling gracefully.

During her leisure she participates in various community and national activities such as masquerade, and making costumes for local and international Caribbean Cultured Carnivals. In doing this she has been able to touch the lives of so many with her wonderful personality and giving heart.


Sophia Toler-Smith

Event Planner

Sophia Toler-Smith was born and raised just outside DC. She is a senior at the University of Maryland, currently pursuing a degree in environmental science and technology. She is interested in the intersection of technology, ecology and urban design and hopes to start a career in a related field upon graduating. She came to Toler Financial Group the summer of 2018 to help with event planning and marketing.

Sophia enjoys hiking, camping and traveling in her spare time.


Lillian McMath, MBA

Marketing Manager

Lillian McMath has over 30 years of diversified experience in management, marketing, technical and instructional areas.  As founder of McMath Marketing Optimization, she has worked to help clients analyze their customer’s needs and adapt their on-line marketing to meet them.  She has been with Toler Financial Group since its inception by working on its on-line presence, especially its web site.

Lillian has raised four children and now lives in Wyoming and California.  Her hobbies center around hiking: leading groups, collecting mushrooms or studying geology.