Society for Financial Awareness

The Society for Financial Awareness is a 501 (c)(3) dedicated to financial education for everyone. We are excited to announce our collaboration with  SOFA.  As a member, our team provides workplace educational seminars on a wide range of topics, as a way of giving back to the community we serve.

What is SOFA?

The Mission of The Society for Financial Awareness (SOFA) is to enlighten the public through financial literacy programs and education.  The results are to empower and embolden individuals to find confidence and comfort in their financial situations. This is accomplished by providing free enriching workshops by recognized professionals who donate their time and expertise.  SOFA’s mission is to end financial illiteracy across America, one community at a time.

What SOFA Does

Our SOFA members, utilizing their credentials and personal qualifications, donate time in the community conducting no-cost, no obligation financial seminar workshops to individuals, companies, and organizations. Our seminars satisfy the Department of Labor’s ERISA 404(c) Requirement for companies offering any type of defined contribution pension plan to employees.

We provide a wide range of enriching financial topics which have included: “Getting Fiscally Fit”, “Financial Blunders”, “Exploring Your Options for a Quality Retirement”, to “Solving Debt”, “College Planning”, and many others.

Advantages of these Workshops

  • For the Hosting Companies/Organizations:
    By hosting these seminar events they provide an hour of enjoyment, enlightenment, and information which furnishes value to their attendees and may raise their morale..
    • By inviting the SOFA speaker in to share their wisdom, knowledge, and experiences with their people, these workshops can provide a possible needed resource that the attendee may find quite helpful in their own personal financial journey.
  •  For the Seminar Attendees:
    • A feeling of confidence and empowerment after learning about key financial concepts and principles within the vast realm of financial literacy.
    • The opportunity to enjoy an uplifting, fast-paced, informational hour, conducted by a licensed professional who is “on-point” through sharing his or her personal knowledge and experience.
    • By attending SOFA seminars the attendee may wish to pursue a meeting with a no obligation review. Further, depending on the needs, priorities, and time, both parties in the consultation do possess the right and opportunity to create a business relationship or transact business between them.