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You have a vision of greater financial confidence, security, and opportunity. You can articulate your goals, and you are looking for a guide to help get you there. You are ready to approach the lifelong planning process with optimism, patience and discipline! 

We are a planning-first team that loves helping people through all stages of their lives. We use the analogy of mountain climbing for our journey together.

Preparing for the Journey

Comprehensive Financial Planning

Climbing Mt Everest and returning successfully entails working with an experienced guide who is thorough in preparing for the trek. We take our time getting to know you and your present situation, along with your future aspirations. Detailed gear checks, packing ample provisions, and reviewing the route thoroughly are critical to safety. Weather conditions, just like financial and investing environments, are changeable, and can be catastrophic when people are caught off-guard. That’s why we typically spend 3-5 meetings for this stage, analyzing your entire financial situation and charting the course ahead. 

We are a planning-first team that loves helping people through all stages of their lives. We use the analogy of mountain climbing for our journey together.

Base Camp

Portfolio decisions and setup

With a deep understanding of your current situation, and having addressed any problems, we are ready to get your accounts set up for the route we have planned and agreed upon. Together, after discussing details and how we’ll respond upon encountering any surprises, we’ll begin our trek.
Just like a mountain summit has different pathways leading to it, we have various investment choices we can follow, depending on the speed and view you wish to experience toward the top. From socially responsible portfolios to income-oriented solutions, we can help you find the right approach that feels comfortable, practical and aligns with your objectives.

The Trek together

Staying on track

Like any professional climbing team, our advisory team continues watching the various components of your financial plan, ensuring we stay on track toward our destination. Our planning system keeps your goals and plan up-to-date, making it easy to re-evaluate and respond to any necessary short-term change.

Most mountain-climbing accidents happen because of flawed responses to bad weather; long-term investing is no different. Investor behavior is the single most important factor in long-term success and wealth building. We work together to manage difficult times sensibly.
When we’re all comfortable we’re heading to our destination safely, we typically meet 2 times a year for any updates and portfolio reviews.

Our Fees

First year set up for the program: $2500

Investment management fees average around 1% for the first $1 million we manage, with our total fee reducing as the asset amount invested grows. 

We Also Offer:

Foundational Financial Planning

We also offer basic financial planning for families just starting out. This is a shorter process that covers the basics of family protection, and saving and investing for future goals in just a few meetings.

Advanced Financial Planning

Some of our clients have debt or cash flow challenges that require a longer planning process, and the fee is adjusted accordingly. Others have additional complexity with businesses, real estate or trust planning beyond the usual. We strive to offer a fair fee for our time and expertise.

Retirement Planning

If you are within about 5 years of retirement, it’s time to start taking a detailed look at your retirement income plan. In addition to a comprehensive financial review, we offer an income analysis using the Income for Life Model