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Greenbacker Renewable Energy Company (GREC) is one of the premier owner/operators of commercial-scale renewable energy power facilities in the United States, investing over $1 billion in 259 renewable infrastructure projects in North America.

Impact Investing with Greenbacker Capital

We are excited to announce a new investment opportunity for select clients – Greenbacker Capital, a direct investment in sustainable energy infrastructure. Join our webinar Sept 22 at 6 pm to learn more about this option! A few things to know:

  • Greenbacker is not a stock or a mutual fund, but a direct investment in a company (Greenbacker Renewable Energy Company LLC). The risks and regulations are different for this sort of “alternative” investment.
  • Greenbacker invests in solar and wind energy projects with long-term contracts to sell electricity to investment-grade buyers.
  • This investment is expected to produce tax-efficient income.
  • Investments will have limited liquidity, and should be thought of as long-term. This option is only suitable for people who feel comfortable with holding this position for many years.

We are excited that this might be an interesting option for some people! We would love to have you join our webinar and learn more, and then follow up with an appointment with Fran for a more individualized discussion if you are inclined to consider it.

Speaker: Brandon Praznik, EVP, Business Development, Greenbacker Capital

Link to Register for the Webinar on September 22 at 6 pm ET:


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