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Educating our community about important financial concepts is part of our mission. Due to the measures we are all taking to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, our spring events will be held as webinars instead of in person meetings.

We hope you can join us for one or more of these timely events – they are easy to join from your home computer.  The presentations are lively, fact-filled and informal.  Your questions are encouraged!  Information is posted below. Bring your own popcorn!

Coming Events 2020

Proactive Tax Strategies for 2021

Webinar March 3 at 6 pm

Given by  Brandon Clark, CPA

It seems like every year there is another big change to tax laws! Did you know that there have been multiple changes to your retirement account rules in the last 6 months? Let an accountant guide you through some of the recent changes that matter to you, and help you answer questions like:

– Simple steps everyone should take each year at tax time to reduce taxes for the prior and subsequent tax year. 

– The impact of proactive tax planning: Stories of people who saved taxes by taking action early!

Register here for March 3, 6 pm



Schedule of Future WEBINARS:

Mar 3 – Proactive Tax Strategies for 2021

April 14 – Sustainable Investing Earth Day: Green Bonds 

April 28 – Sustainable Investing Earth Day: Rain forests

May 12  TBD 


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