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Educating our community about important financial concepts is part of our mission. Due to the measures we are all taking to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, our spring events will be held as webinars instead of in person meetings.

We hope you can join us for one or more of these timely events – they are easy to join from your home computer.  The presentations are lively, fact-filled and informal.  Your questions are encouraged!  Information is posted below. Bring your own popcorn!

Coming Events 2020

ROTH CONVERSIONS.......... And what is Special about 2020

Webinar November 4 at 6 pm

Is this a good year for you to consider converting some Traditional IRA amounts into a Roth IRA? The answer may be YES if:

  • Your Income is lower than usual – COVID, retirement, any reason…
  • You have cash or non-retirement investments you can liquidate to pay the taxes
  • You have large combined balances in your 401k, 403b and traditional IRA accounts that might create a tax burden when you are required to take distributions from age 72 on
  • You like planning ahead and are concerned about tax rates rising
  • You recognize the big long-term advantage of tax-free growth in a Roth IRA


  • What is special about 2020? Using some one-time CARES Act provisions to super-charge your Roth Conversion strategy and delay the tax payments.

Join us for this hands-on discussion about Roth conversion – what it is, how it works, why it makes sense for some people, and how to work with your CPA and financial advisor to come up with a smart plan for a 2020 Roth conversion.

Register here for the Webinar on Nov. 4 at 6 pm:


Your Private Practice: Part 2: Growing the Tree

Webinar December 2 at 6 pm

Your Professional Practice – a two part series on setting up and protecting your small professional practice. Oriented especially towards health and wellness professionals, but relevant to any other single-owner consultants.
(Part 1 – Sep. 23:  Planting the Tree – start your professional practice out right!
1.      Business legal structure – sole proprietor? LLC? – and brand
2.      Business Cash flow and account structure that keeps you out of trouble
3.      Business insurance
4.      Bookkeeping and Taxes)
Part 2 – Dec. 2:  Growing the Tree – as your professional practice grows
1.      Benefits for the self-employed practice owner – health, life and disability insurance, plus retirement account options
2.      Becoming an employer – paying yourself and others – contractor or employee? Managing payroll and taxes.
3.      Business partners, succession and exit strategies
Register here for Part 2:  Dec. 2, 6 pm

Schedule of Future WEBINARS:

Dec 2:   Setting up your professional practice: Part 2 


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