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Avoid Tax Pitfalls: Reach the Next Level of Your Business September 20, 7:00pm

Have you reached the point where your business is making good money but taxes just continue to grow?  Financial Advisor Brandon Clark, CPA, and Business Tax Accountant Kevin Andrade, CPA, will discuss these unfortunately all too common problems among business owners. We’ll cover:

What deductions am I missing?

Should I convert to an S Corporation?

How do I implement employee benefits and a retirement plan?

How do I avoid cash flow crunches?

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Profit First For Therapists From Surviving to Thriving

What if your private practice paid you first? “Profit First” is an approach to accounting that rewards the hard work you put into running your practice. Join advisor Guli Fager and Julie Herres, author of the forthcoming book “Profit First for Therapists,” for a conversation about how Profit First can simplify your practice and move you toward financial freedom. 

Financial Independence Retire Early (FIRE) Shortcut your path to FIRE

Presented by: Brandon Clark, CPA

Discover the rules you need to break to find financial freedom and fulfillment.

How to Survive Divorce Financially

Divorce can have a profound impact on the finances of everyone involved, an it can be hard to think about money when emotions are high. Financial Advisor Guli Fager, and Family Law Attorney Joanna Foard will answer questions about divorce from both a financial and legal perspective. If you or someone you know is considering divorce or is living through related support and custody matters, this is a free webinar that will help answer your questions. 

Forecast 2023

Listen in on our annual webinar where we discuss what happened in the market and economy in 2022, and what we are looking at for the year ahead. 

Financial Self Care For Mental Health Professionals Part 1- Start Right

Thinking about dipping your toe into private practice? View the video of our 2022 webinar  for our best advice on Financial Self-Care for mental health pros. A midwife and a sex educator might seem like strange folks to wind up working in personal finance but Fran and Guli bring our experience in fostering relationships, trust, and being client centered so you feel cared for as you work to care for others. We love to help you “birth” your private practice into a thriving, healthy business.

Financial Self Care For Mental Health Professionals Part 2- How to Grow With Your Business!

Financial Self Care for Mental Health Professionals- How to Grow With Your Business! – Part Two looks at how to best manage your growing business, compare options for paying yourself, and describe how to provide great benefits – from disability insurance to retirement plans – whether you’re a solo practitioner or a stewarding a team. 

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