About Us

Fran banner 3Perceiving a need for a more holistic, independent and inclusive approach to helping people succeed and thrive, regardless of their economic circumstances, Toler Financial Group was founded by Frances Toler. She found that many people get hung up with the details of their financial situation, when they need to analyze their finances in light of their total life:  their values, goals, challenges and strengths.  Through the Mountain Vision Program™  she has helped many families and businesses broaden their perspective on their lives and has shown them how their money can be best put to work to fulfill their goals.


Why Us?

The world is full of financial advisors – Certified Financial Planners, life insurance agents, investment brokers and advisors, and more. Very few offer all of the following:

  1. Independent advice (no tie to a particular company)
  2. Comprehensive planning with transparent, affordable fees
  3. Proficiency with socially responsible and impact investing
  4. Cultural competence in diverse and progressive groups

We are acutely aware that financial services are not targeted to meet the needs of many communities – politically progressive, LGBTQ, racial and language minorities. With the bias towards conservative political orientation in the financial services industry, few advisors are inclined to focus on the needs of those that see and experience the world differently from them. We at Toler Financial Group seek to provide culturally appropriate financial services with integrity and independence that meets the many needs of our community. Our trademarked financial planning system (The Mountain Vision Program) provides a platform to serve our community at the level they seek.

Toler Financial Group offers a free introductory session to review your financial situation to see if we can help you.  Just click on the Schedule Appointment button, and search for a convenient date for your Initial Consultation appointment. We will be in touch with you to prepare for the meeting!